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Vengadesh & Radhika

Something which started out as two shy kids talking to each other back in the 6th grade, ended with a photo-shoot in the fields after their wedding day. Confused? Read on...

In the year 2017, Dr. Radhika and Vengadesh finally accepted their fates that had interspersed for almost eight years. After years of working out whether they can live without each other, this couple decided they couldn't, and tied the knot.

Starting out in the same school in Madurai, and having shared classes from the 6th grade till the 10th grade but having barely spoken, their fate decided it had to push them together for a second chance. This time, years later, they wound up in the same city, her in IIT Chennai, and him in TCS. This is when they gave in to the inevitable and started actively meeting each other. That's how the “Wednesday Movie Nights” started. Whatever played at EA Mall, it didn't matter, they were there! The third and final time fate played a role, was when they both decided to go to UK to pursue their respective careers. That became their point of no return.

Vengadesh is usually described as very enthusiastic, kind, helpful, and someone who thinks a lot, yet works simple. Despite spending plenty of time outside the country, he remains Indian at heart, usually managing to meet all his loved ones during his visits home. On the other hand, Dr. Radhika is described as caring, funny, sweet, affectionate and intelligent. Having completed her PhD before the age of 30 is perhaps the most obvious proof of this. While most people think she is much smarter than her counterpart, he will never admit to this. Guess they have the rest of their entire lives together to figure that one out!

Fast forward to the 2nd of February, 2017, the day that the lucky Vengadesh and charming Dr. Radhika were declared as husband and wife. The stage was adorned with flowers and decorations in red, white and gold. They received the blessings of their parents and elders, and were wished the best in life by their cousins and friends.

All of this ended with the grand, yet simple photo-shoot in the fields. They were so cooperative, even agreeing to lie down on the grass in their wedding clothes! This is one couple that will go a long way...

Dr. Radhika and Vengadesh, the star couple of the photo series have one of those long, finely carved out love stories. Curated by fate, and sprinkled here and there by random instances of chance, their story has just begun!

Photography by - Vignash Dheenadayalan, Mei, Manoj

Cinematography - Jai, Magesh.

Content producer - Angelita.

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