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Guna & Nivetha

Many people strive to find the person they may one day call their life partners, but Guna and Nivetha were destined to be together from a very long time. Having met Mr. Guna and Mr. Vasanth at the ITC Grand Royal Wedding Expo, we were instantly excited at the concept of working with such a theme as “Royalty”. Guna and Nivetha, along with their families had envisioned a stunning image of what the Engagement should look like, and left no stone unturned to make their royal dream come true.

The royal setup consisted of a stage in the shape of a crown; the engagement ring was designed as a miniature crown, and the attire of the young couple in love was nothing short of regal elegance. The cake was embossed with golden coloured brocades, and an entourage was arranged to accompany the couple in the form of the British Royal Guards, complete with prop guns and furry hats.

With the usual arrangements in place, we were requested for something peculiar by one

Mr. Vasanth, brother of the groom-to-be. He wondered if we could bring in the rings seated on a crown, flown in on a drone. And as they say about royalty, “Your wish is my command”.

And that is exactly what we made happen.

Guna was cooperative throughout, and the time conscious families made sure all the events took place right on time. Nivetha, the beautiful bride-to-be could not stop blushing away, and Guna did not make it easy for her. You will constantly find them stealing adorable glances at each other, as one grins widely and the other shies away. Their friends welcomed them into the hall with handheld pyros, after they were escorted in safely by the trusty “Men in Red”.

The couple was seated, the drone was flown in, the rings were exchanged, and the cake was shared. The rest of the evening was like something taken out of a beautiful movie. We now look forward to seeing them together again in Sri Lanka at their pre-wedding shoot, as they prepare to share in each other's love.

Photographed by Manoj kumar, Siva shankar, Vignash Dheenadayalan & Saravanan.

Cinematographed by Balaji, Nithyanandham, Jai.

Content producer - Angelita

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